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Oshiro Dojo Jena

Sensei Daniel Gerth

Born in 1970 in the U.S. city of Neenah, Sensei Daniel Gehrt began studying karate in 1989 at the University of Wisconsin Stevens-Point. Since 1995 he has been leading trainings in the University Sport Association in Jena. Over the years, various impulses have promoted the further development of the group in the martial arts.

These have opened connections to Shihan Roland Habersetzer (Centre de Recherche Budo, Strasbourg), to Maitre A. Ignatio (Paris) and finally also to Shihan Toshihiro Oshiro. Several members of the association therefore have degrees not only in Shima-Ha Shorin Ryu and Yamanni Chinen Ryu Bojutsu, but also in Shotokai and Shotokan. Today Shorin Ryu und Yamanni Ryu form the main emphasis of the courses which Sensei Daniel Gehrt and Katrin Semmelroth offer in Jena.




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