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Oshiro Dojo Feldkirchen

Sensei Florian Fischer began practising martial arts in the karate club Feldkirchen following a friend's invitation in 1992. 2001 he assumed the position of the chairman and replaced his former trainer, who retreated from training on professional grounds. 

In 2002 he met Shihan Oshiro and was very impressed by his skills and knowledge. Therefore, he began to study the martial arts of Shihan Oshiro and was accepted as his student. In 2005 he finally founded the Oshiro Dojo Feldkirchen. On his way in the RBKD he was always supported by Sensei Romero.

Currently he holds a 4th dan in Shima Ha Shorin Ryu karate and a 3rd dan im Yamanni Chinen Ryu bojutsu.



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