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Oshiro Dojo Dresden

Sensei Roberto Romero was born 13 July 1968 in Peru.
At the age of 12 years he began to study karate in a dojo for Okinawan karate and kung fu.

The training was very tough and consisted merely in endurance or respectively induration training in a way that a number of months could pass withoud practising a single karate technique! Here he did the first steps on his way. He then decided rather quickly to change school and joined a dojo named 'Funakoshi', where he earned a green belt. In the course of his further development he then changed again and joined the 'Miyazaki-school' where he practiced karate over seven years. The training in this school was very grim. The students were not allowed to lose focus and had to stare right ahead the entire training session. They were required to perform the techniques after getting nothing but the command. When they made a mistake they were advised only once. With the second mistake they felt the teachers resentment by being caned.

1988 Sensei Romero came to the G.D.R. (German Democratic Republic) in order to study in the town of Freiberg on base of a scholarship. He was thrilled by the idea of having the chance to practice karate there on an even higher level. But it was not like this, unfortunately, because at those times karate was not officially approved in the G.D.R. Despite that, he sticked to the karate studying it individually until he met a group of people in Freiberg who practiced karate "underhand". He soon assumed the leadership of this group and for the first time, began to teach karate.

After the political turn-around in the G.D.R., he founded a sports club in order to impart the karate not only to university students but also to other people. At those times, karate had become very popular, and many masters of karate had been invited to Germany. The first Japanese master by whome sensei Romero had the chance to be intructed was shihan Nishiyama and he was so impressed that from that time on he not only attended a number of seminars held by sensei Nishiyama himself but almost any seminar held by a Japanese master in Germany.

From 1994 to 2001 sensei Romero studied Shotokan karate under sensei Hiroshi Shirai who tested him for the second dan in 2000.

End of 2001 he had a truly fateful encounter. He met shihan Oshiro in a seminar and was so impressed by his mastership and his way of imparting the principles of his karate that he put his entire karate practice into question. 2002 he could invite shihan Oshiro to hold another seminar. And, after a number of private lessons with him, he then changed from the Shotokan-style to the Shorin-Ryu-style. In this style he was able to pass the test for the 5th dan in 2017. He is still active as instructor in the Oshiro dojos Freiberg and Dresden imparting his knowledge. 

Apart from the Shorin-Ryu-karate, sensei Romero studies the Yamanni Chinen-Ryu-bojutsu under shihan Oshiro. This is a stick fighting system which has remained fairly unmodified and is considered the root of all Okinawan stick fighting styles.



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